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Wireless Charging for #HoReCa


87% mobile users reach for smartphone when looking for something to buy.
25% mobile users in PL use smartphone to look for the local shop or service.
Yet, 9 out of 10 people suffer from the fear of losing power on their phone.
People tend to charge more than once a day, but only a few carry a cable with them.


Connecting our Client's with CONSUMERS in search of charging facilities and DRIVING them to Client's location.
Supported by Aircharge mobile app that is a A LIFETIME OF FREE ADVERTISING for registered locations.
The Aircharge app works as a portal for users to find the CLOSEST LOCATION/FAVOURITE BRAND to visit to recharge their device battery when running low.
Wireless Chargers with usage monitoring & reporting via BLe protocol & management system (Cloud or On-premise). 


Driving an average of 10 PAYING CONSUMERS PER DAY to each venue where Aircharge is installed.
AVERAGE RETURN ON INVESTMENT IN 90 DAYS, based on a 10 charger installation & average spend per customer of
7 Euro. 

Reference story

10 extra-paying Customers per day in each Venue where wireless charging is working.

Provide #WirelessCharging experience

#Chargers are one of those things your staff gets asked about every single day.
Use it to attract #Customers to your #Venue.

Wireless charging is recommended by Polish Chamber of Hoteliers.

The future is wireless!!!

#Aircharge #WirelessCharging is an elegant solutions for #Consumers to charge the #MobileDevice whilist having a meal or a drink.
No hassle with cables of trying to access a power socket

How to use

Place the #MobileDevice on the #WirelessSurfaceCharger. That's it.

How to install

Place the #WirelessSurfaceCharger in the 80mm whole.

Secure the #WIrelessSurfaceCharger with the screws. 

Connect the charger to the electric socket & remember about cable management.

Create wireless charging experience

OMNIHYPE POWER is the Authorized Distributor of Aircharge

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